Origins: "The first stage of existence; the beginning point" 

Over the course of history the ideas and expectations from the word "church", "Christianity", and religion, have grown exponentially. Many of these ideas have greatly improved countless lives around the world! However, those very ideas and expectations often became traditions, and these current deep-seeded traditions often become very difficult to part with when they stand in the way of what God wants to do in the present age. Origins seeks to reestablish a 1st Century identity. The early Jesus followers did not have resources, buildings, or any of what many think is essential to engage their community. What they did have was a tremendous love for God and people, and felt personally responsible to bring the message of God's love to all people, everywhere. Community was the very basis for the movement of people known to follow the teachings of Jesus. 

Origins is a place where establishing community is priority number one because we are created to live in community! Without a sense of genuine connection to other people we will feel dry and unfulfilled. We learn to live and love the way God intended us to when we are fully embraced by a loving community. We all benefit from the technological advancements in our age. However, none of them replace the impact that genuine relationships have on our lives.

A trusted community of faith is the optimal environment for ideas to be shared; life on life. Knowledge is the fuel for change in our lives. While each of us possess a certain amount of knowledge and experience, we need other people to share their knowledge and experience in order to give us a more robust understanding. We rely on the current understanding of our time, while looking at the lessons learned from those who have come before us. While truth is necessary for our growth in maturity, it certainly isn't always the easiest to live up to. Origins is a safe place for all people to be exposed to knowledge and experiences outside of ourselves, while being given the space and patience to consider its implications. Many things change within culture, but the search for something bigger than ourselves never goes away. 

Simple Plan

Origins seeks intentional simplicity. Although the plan is simple, the opportunities created are vast! 

Each time an Origins gathering takes place we will enjoy a meal together, an actual meal. We will begin every one of our community gatherings around a table. We want to enjoy the good graces of God together in a setting that naturally draws us into closer community. The dinner table was the primary place of interaction in the life of Jesus Christ. We want to rediscover the power of sharing a meal with others!

Origins gatherings are organic environments for community building. A shared meal is certainly a great way to get to know others, but the fellowship of an Origins gathering certainly doesn't stop there. We want to take the time to get to know each other. In a fast paced culture it is perplexing how many people we "know" but how little we actually know about them. Genuine friendship takes time, trust, and transparency. 

Origins gatherings are opportunities to be exposed to different ideas and concepts. Origins gatherings have a systematic approach to engaging one another in community. When an new Origins gathering is formed, participants will take 8 to 10 weeks to relationship build around the open discussion of key issues pertaining to faith, life and spirituality. At the conclusion of the 8 to 10 week period, community members will embark on a journey that will challenge and inspire them to live and think differently in this present age. We will use various sources of information throughout the journey, to include the Bible, and other various sources and mediums to provoke thought and engaging interaction. Each week the community members are given material to engage in privately. The following week's gathering will become the very opportunity for the individuals of that group to engage the other members of the community in honest and open conversation. These are genuine opportunities for all members to participate on any level. These are candid conversations, with no scripts, where all input is highly valued.

Origins gatherings are a place of encouragement. Everyone has struggles and burdens to bear, but no one should be asked to bear them alone. Community is the most natural place for people to find hope and encouragement. As lives are shared, natural opportunities arise to lift others up. There are practical and physical ways that a group can offer hope and help to others and there are spiritual ways that groups can support each other too. Whatever the burden may be, we are all called to care for each other. Origins gatherings are much more than places to learn information. It is the very environment in which we grow and thrive as human beings. 

"So where do I begin? How do I get involved?"

Origins is not a building or a place; it's a community. Origins gatherings take place all throughout the week at multiple times and locations. Getting involved is as simple as contacting us,