What is origins?

Origins exists to create natural spaces and authentic opportunities for people to explore complex issues of life, faith and spirituality. Why am I here? What purpose does my life have? Is there a God and can that God be known? Why is life filled with so many difficulties? None of these questions are resolved without struggle. Origins is a place where that struggle is embraced in community. Origins is a place where real life takes place. 

growing together

At an Origins gathering, you will experience a community of people in natural environments where everyone in attendance plays a vital role in the function of the group. Origins gatherings provide opportunities for people from all walks of life to encounter authentic engagement with other people. Origins gatherings are highly adaptable settings, where the group determines the outcome of the gathering. We believe in radical community where all aspects of life can be examined and wrestled with, out in the open. Community is the ideal environment where we engage other people with topics that matter most to us. Origins seeks to create these types of spaces.  

Are you seeking to pursue a personal relationships with others who are honestly wrestling with matters of faith, life, and spirituality? Do you want to be connected to an authentic community of open minded seekers? You were created to exist in community. This is the place for you!

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Are you interested in having open-minded conversations with others on their own journey, but are hesitant to committing to a community of people? Would you like to explore topics of life, faith, and spirituality in neutral spaces where you can be heard and can hear from others? You are not alone. 

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The "Origins-Life Podcast" seeks to discover the Origin Life moments of everyday people. As individuals share their Origin Life moments, we all gain greater perspective into our own personal story and begin to make sense of the greater human story in which we are all a part. 


Origins exists to create a radical community, committed to the pursuit of human flourishing. There is a message of hope that every human being longs for. Would you consider donating to the efforts of Origins?